About Us

Company profile

Fancy Communication is a Shanghai based communications and marketing agency that provides public relations, digital marketing, content marketing, brand communications, social media, event planning and exhibition execution for hospitality, education and consumer industries.
We focus on connecting consumers and brands through online and offline marketing strategies in capacious China market. Provide customized solutions of exposure and conversion rate increment for brands, realizing brand growth.
Our company committed to providing sustainable marketing strategies for enterprises using social marketing methods, incubating and establishing independent brands IP, refining platform strategies, thus ensuring achieving a rapidly changing Chinese consumer landscape based on strong data.
We have worked closely with more than 30 brands, accumulated rich and professional strategic experience in the field of life style, education, fashion and technology fields, aiming at marketing growth of brands and enterprises.

Business and lifestyle

We know that investing in marketing is not because it's a "nice to do," but for what it does for your business. Whether increasing sales, brand awareness or driving engagement, we focus on delivering communications that supports business growth by turning your competitive differentials into competitive advantages.

Our work is built on a responsibility to drive behavioral change and produce measurable results for our customers. We work with challengers and leading brands in a variety of areas, including home, indoor, home and leisure. Everything we do is built on insight, so whether we're delivering award-winning consumer experiences or creating engaging social media content, we strive to make an impact faster.

Fashion brands

We use a sharp business perspective and innovative capabilities to build content, leverage expertise, and build digital content for brands to attract and educate consumers and win recognition from the industry and media.

Educational institutions

Through digital marketing, organizing forum activities and other forms, we have built the brand of "advantage family education instructor" for Shanghai Shangyuan education, and become the preferred institution in the field of family education.
The education forum we created for it attracted more than 600 education professionals and parents, generated more than 6,000 interactions on social media and dozens of media reports.

About China Market

China is the largest country in the world by population, with over 100 cities of more than a million people, there is a fast-growing business and consumer market. Even with modest economic growth, China’s economy offers great opportunities.
Over the past decade, China’s advancing economy has provided businesses with substantial growth opportunities. The Chinese consumer market is on the threshold of a revolution that offers new opportunities, one in particular is known as the “Lifestyle Upgrade” or “Consumption Upgrade”.
China’s increasing numbers of middle-and high-income consumers are focusing more on high-quality products. Premium products have become the preferred choice amongst Chinese consumers. Data from the CSRI Emerging Consumer Survey indicates that Chinese consumers will choose to buy a more expensive product rather than its cheaper counterpart simply due to the brand image.


This emerging trend is not just “youth-led” as middle-aged consumers are displaying similar buying patterns to millennials.
This highlights the importance of a brand’s image and brand strategy in China as it is one of the main factors consumers will look to while purchasing.
Digital marketing changes will be more dramatic than ever in China, E-commerce, live-streaming, Social Media advertising, influencer engagment etc, the transition from offline to online is obvious, it generates tremendous opportunities for entrepreneurs and marketers.


We focus on marketing in the hospitality and food sectors and believe this is the most exciting industry to work in. We are keen to look into the future and help companies achieve their goals more quickly and efficiently. So we ensure that we provide professional, strong and targeted communication.

Valuable content can educate, entertain, or motivate consumers, but most importantly, it can support customer needs and persuade them to participate in a variety of ways and through a variety of channels.

Each audience is different in what they want to see, how they think, and what they care about. Measurement and impact are part of everything we do. Is that why we developed our own industry-leading systems pace to emphasize the value of pr and the value we can provide to your business.

The target of a five-star hotel is to constantly build a brand image to gain more media exposureWe produce and organize a series of high-quality media events that demonstrate product quality, diversity and innovation to target markets through integrated digital and retail strategies.